Tip Line

If you need to report an emergency, do not use this form. Call University Police at (518) 255-5317 or dial 911 immediately.
Report a crime or incident

Web based anonymous reporting and email reporting are a good way to provide us with tips, but not an appropriate way to request police assistance when you need it. If you need police assistance, call us at the numbers above. If you simply want to pass on information (not a crime in progress) this on-line form can be used.

Please note that this is an anonymous report and is intended to provide tips and leads for the police. Our ability to fully investigate criminal incidents based solely on anonymous reporting may be limited due to legal restrictions. We guarantee anonymity and therefore cannot re-contact you for additional information. If you wish to be contacted for additional information, please provide your contact information so that we may follow up on your report. Your contact information will always be kept confidential unless you choose to become actively involved in an investigation and agree to the use of your name.